Phu Quoc Complex Resort Project

Location:  Phu Quoc Island, Việt Nam

Client:  TAP Phu Quoc

Year:  2015

Worked as an Head of Design Dept. for Gami Group.

A 16ha land lot was developed into 5 parcels: 05 star hotel resort, 05 star spa villa compound, family zone, central park and commercial

Beach front has a priority to located 05 star hospitality including hotel, villa for rental pool, spa compound villages. In the other hand, more inner to the land is 03 star compound for family and social activities such as lazy river, light house, pony race, water park, amphitheater and shopping area

Project development team:

· TAP Phu Quoc (Owner)

· Korn Architects (Master plan design)

· Centara Thailand (Operator)